Amethyst Smoky Shaman Elestial Multiple Point


Amethyst Smoky Shaman Multiple Point
We just imported these from their homeland in Zimbabwe because I've always been a fan of African crystals, and these don't disappoint. They have a wonderful Talismanic Shaman energy.
The basic shape is if a Double Terminated Crystal but it has many unique points and a skeletal structure best seen in the main pic which makes me think it's Elestial ~ a crystal description I learned from Katrina Raphael back in the 80s. Elestial comes from Celestial and although this is still a grounded Smoky Amethyst Shaman stone it also connects to Universal Mind,
You can really lose yourself in pieces like this. It can certainly take you to different dimensions if you use it for a visual journey, yet it's strangely heart opening and relaxing.
Spiritual Amethyst and grounded Smoky Quartz gives the shamanic energy. Enjoy your journey with this piece, wherever it takes you.
I've been carrying one around in my pocket since the day I unpacked them. Whilst I can't specify it's effect on me, I have been feeling more alive and alert with this piece of magic in my pocket !

Lots more in store, I bought a whole tray.

Dimensions 64 x 32 x 40 mm
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