Angelite Stretch Bead Bracelet


Angelite Beaded Stretch Bracelet
Hand made in our own Fair Trade workshop in Thailand, beaded bracelets are a great way to access the healing energy of crystals. Their great advantage is that they afford maximum skin contact so that the crystal energies blend more easily with yours They're are also very affordable.
We use the strongest elastic thread that we can find, so they fit comfortably over the hand and are long lasting.
Angelite is a light blue Anhydrite mineral which was only discovered in 1987  in Peru, the year that Crystal Heart moved into it's first permanent home so maybe there is something to it's connection with Angelic Guidance! Peaceful and soothing. Wholesomeness and content. Allowing Deep Healing and Intuitive or Angelic connection. We have a huge range of beaded bracelets
8mm Beads: AUD $59.95
10mm Beads: AUD $79.95
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