Blue Lace Agate Earring, Cabochon, 925 Silver g1


Blue Lace Agate Earring | 925 Sterling Silver
Lovely Cabochon of genuine Blue Lace Agate with it's delicate sky blue and white waves running through.
Good quality bezel setting in bright 925 Sterling Silver.
The back is open of course so the energies of the stone have more contact with yours.
What energies are those ?
Blue Lace Agate is I think the best Throat Chakra Stone. This Chakra is concerned mainly with verbal expression but also other forms of expression like dance are included.
Any emotional block, most commonly fear, is an impediment to emotional expression.
Blue lace soothes calms and empowers the emotional body, whilst giving a positive impetus to expressing feelings in the clear light of day.
The white lines symbolise enlightenment that brings great understanding.
I'm thinking that as Earrings these will facilitate communication both ways ~ i.e. in listening as well as speaking.
Face including silver border 13 x 17 mm
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