Carnelian Freeform Polished Gallet


Natural Carnelian Freeform
A Gallet is the name for this particular shape ~ a crystal of nice quality which has been smoothed by hand rather than in a tumbling machine.
These Carnelians really are lovely wiith such a string colour and interesting banding, I'll let the pics speak for themselves. There's something about handling this shape and size which connects me with the stone very easily. 
Carnelian Stimulates Spiritual Creative Energy, and grounds scattered thoughts ~ it's a good crystal to hold when you're seeking motivation for a new project and to recharge your creativity during.
I imported a bunch from Madagascar so for the price the quality is great and we have more in our physical store.
Gallet 1 ~ 55 x 35 x 57 mm, AUD $22.00
Gallet 2 ~ 55 x 53 x 38 mm, AUD $36.00