Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Ring, Oval Cabochon, 925 Silver, g2


Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Ring, 925 Sterling Silver.
Yellow Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl is quite a rare and precious gem. Although many stones can display Chatoyancy in a similar way, only Chrysoberyl is the true Cats Eye. This cabochon has good  translucense and although it has some inclusions I have to say it's pretty good quality.
It's a warm and energising stone that can also stimulate a positive and focused mind. It's known also as a protective stone, my feeling is that it is just so positive that this eye can see no evil. It's really good stone for stressful times with it's tendency towards positive thoughts and pulling your mind together.
The name comes from it's composition as an Aluminate of Beryl. It's not a relative of other Beryls like Emerald or Aquamarine.
Face approx 13 x 16 mm
US Ring Size 9, AUS Size R1/2
Cost in Australian Dollars AUD $229
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