Citrine Pendant with Amethyst, Double point, Silver Plated


Double Terminated Citrine Gemstone set as a pendant with small Amethyst Cabochon.
These stones are like cousins since when Anethyst is heated it turns into orange Citrine. This can happen naturally if the heat at formation is over 500 degrees C, but most of the Citrine you see, like this one, is Amethyst that has been heated artificially.
Nevertheless it still retains the qualities of Citrine ~ the Energy of the Sun ~ abundantly burning up negative energy. Amethyst is the spiritual Stone ~ meditation, purifying and balance.
This piece is part of our Crystal Costume Range which  consists of Genuine Gemstones set in Silver Plated White Metal. The stones are all nice quality but since we're not using Sterling Silver they are much more affordable.
Sadly we can't take individual photos of each but I do go through the whole stock when it arrives and select some of the best for this website.
We can add an adjustable black cotton cord for $2 extra, there's an option to order that.
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Length of Stone 45 mm approx
Cost in Australian Dollars AUD $24.95
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