Clear Quartz Stretch Bead Bracelet


Clear Quartz Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Hand made in our own Fair Trade workshop in Thailand, beaded bracelets are a great way to access the healing energy of crystals. Their great advantage is that they afford maximum skin contact so that the crystal energies blend more easily with yours They're are also very affordable.
We use the strongest elastic thread that we can find, so they fit comfortably over the hand and are long lasting. Clear Quartz is a natural stimulator of consciousness, which can give rise to an Alpha State of Mind where both hemispheres of the brain - logical and intuitive - are active simultaneously. It's power to stimulate, amplify and channel visual thought and energy makes it the most versatile of healing stones; for clearing energy blocks, creating and storing positive thoughts, as a mental stimulus for study, office, etc.

The Clear Quartz Beads are 8 mm Diameter
Inner Diameter of Bracelet approx 60 mm