Kunzite Specimens, Naturally Formed, Gem Quality


 Kunzite Naturally Formed Crystal
Really special clean Kunzite crystals, all gem quality. Great color and clarity, especially the rich pink/purple on long axis. Multiple natural terminations on the ends. Collector's piece, rarely seen quality.
Kunzite is the pink variety of Spodumene. The colour changes from lilac to pink to colorless depending on it's orientation.
Energetically, Kunzite can awaken the Wisdom of the Heart, connecting it with spiritual vision.
It inspires love coupled with emotional clarity.
It's also a lovely stone to wear !
A: 50 x 55 mm, thickness 15mm mm, weight 74 gm
B: 115 x 40 mm, thickness 10mm approx, weight 81 gm
C: 85 x 30 mm, thickness 10mm approx, weight 61 gm
D: 50 x 45 mm, thickness 10mm approx, 40 gm