Crystal Star Sign Kits


Crystal Star Sign kits to help guide your path.
5 crystals are selected according to your star sign.  These are presented in an organza pouch with a tag describing each stone held within.
Select the Star sign when making a purchase :
  ARIES - "I Am"

Clear Quartz = stone of power and harmony; energy and light
Bloodstone = revitalizes and purifies the body; courage and strength
Fire Agate = lights the inner fires of life-force; creativity
Aventurine = moving forward with confidence; prosperity
Sardonyx = attracts happiness and good fortune; virtue and integrity

TAURUS - "I Have"

Emerald = nourishes the heart; self-worth and abundance 
Rose Quartz = master healer of the emotions; love
Red Jasper = stabilizing energy producing physical strength and stamina
Rhodonite = discovering and developing hidden talents and one's true passions
Black Tourmaline = dispels negative energies; protection

GEMINI - "I Think"

 *** currently out of stock

CANCER - "I Feel"

Moonstone = stimulates intuitive understanding and insights; good luck
Carnelian = builds confidence, courage, passion and power; creativity
Ruby in Fuchsite = empowers and strengthens the emotional body
Ocean Jasper = brings enthusiasm for life and future endeavours; joy and upliftment
Manganocalcite = heals the inner child; self-worth, self-acceptance, self-love

LEO - "I Rule"

Peridot = understanding changes; joy and abundance
Sunstone = brings blessings and good fortune; vitality and leadership
Onyx = Empowering and strengthening; self-mastery
Picasso Stone = stimulates creative visualisations; protects and nurtures
Orange Calcite = confidence and optimism in approach to life

VIRGO - "I Analyse"

Sapphire = fulfilling dreams and desires
Fluorite = brings order to chaos; focus and organisation
Snowflake Obsidian = clears negativity; purity and balance
Moss Agate = promotes spiritual and financial abundance
Mookaite = encourages renewed hope; invigorates and energises

LIBRA - "I Balance"

Pink Tourmaline in Quartz = allows one to trust in love; joy and peace
Amazonite = encourages expression of ones inner knowing; truth
Ametrine = brings new ideas and insights; mental clarity
Unakite = balances emotional body with the heart and mind
Nephrite Jade = said to bless that which it touches

SCORPIO - "I Desire"

 **** Currently out of stock


African Turquoise = healer of the spirit, brings peace of mind
Rainforest Rhyolite = lights the fires of creativity and joy; regeneration
Black Obsidian = shields against negativity; protective and stabilizing
Sodalite = frees one of attachments, helps create new mental patterns
Labradorite = assists one in accessing their true potential; magic and destiny

CAPRICORN - "I Put To Use"

Garnet = known as the stone of health and of commitment to purpose
Smokey Quartz = dissolves negative energies and emotional blockages
Dalmation Stone = regaining a sense of fun in the world
Snakeskin Jasper = brings enthusiasm for life and future endeavors; joy and upliftment
Tiger Eye = personal power and stability, stimulates optimism; good luck


Amethyst = connecting one to divine guidance; spirituality
Fuchsite = helps one bounce back after tense situations; nourishing and calming
Angeite = peace, forgiveness and emotional harmony
Hematite = spiritually grounding and protective, great stress reliever
Poppy Jasper = brings happiness, good fortune and positive outlook on life

PISCES - "I Believe"

Aquamarine = for spiritual awareness, communicating with clarity and courage
Blue Lace Agate = helps one express their true feelings; peace and calm
Chinese Writing Rock = provides strength for emotional issues
Lapis = gaining wisdom, accessing unknown mysteries and mystical realms
New Jade = stone for dreaming; luck