Dragon's Blood Pendant, Oval Cabochon, 925 Silver r3


Dragon's Blood Pendant, 925 Sterling Silver.

Oval Cabochon ~ a classic and striking example of this stone with blood red Epidote veins running through a matrix of green Epidote.

Bezel set in 925 Sterling Silver with open back to allow the energies to flow more freely.

Sometimes this stone is called Blood Jasper, which can cause confusion with Bloodstone which does have some similar properties but the Epidote makes all the difference. Sometimes the red veins are called Piemontite, but that's also red Epidote. I've always known it as Red and green Epidote, but in the end it's the energy that counts !

This energising stone unlocks the Heart to release it's conscious energy. It awakens the will to act and manifest with that energy. The Heart Healing aspect encourages you take take things one step at a time rather than going all out and getting stressed. As one known to push myself all the time this was a pleasant surprise.

It's often quoted as a stone of Courage, Strength and Vitality ~ but that's perhaps because it encourages Self Reflection before Action, and then action in alignment with your inner self.

Finally it's said to aid rapid muscular recovery after exercise.

Face 27 x 39 mm
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