Druzy Black Onyx Pendant, Amethyst & Peridot, 925 Silver


A splendid eye catching piece here, beautifully made in bright Sterling Silver with nice bezels all of which have been hand polished to give that nice rounded edging.
The settings are all open backed which allows more light to sparkle through the top two stones.
In the big Black Onyx, Quartz Crystals were able to form inside empty  bubble in the Mother Rock as it formed. It's a beautiful result, and looking into that crystal filled pocket it so me like looking into the mysteries of the Earth.
The Amethyst and Peridot sitting above are top quality gemstones flawless and with good colour.
Druze or Druse is the name given to small crystals that have grown on another matrix rock. Strictly speaking then, those Amethyst Clusters you see can also be called drusy, but usually the term is reserved for tiny crystals.
Black Onyx is known for it's calming confidence and feeling of connection to the physical world ~ it's quite a serious stone but the scatter of Quartz Crystals brings some creative joy.
Amethyst is purifying balancing and meditative.
Peridot brings joy to the heart and relieves nervous emotional tension.
All in all, a nice gemstone cocktail of complementary energies.
Black Onyx is 25 x 35 mm
Cost in Australian Dollars AUD $299
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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm 925 Belcher Chain, not included
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