Herkimer Diamond Signet Ring, 925 Silver, r3


Herkimer Diamond Ring, 925 Sterling Silver
Herkimer Diamonds are actually Natural Quartz Crystals from Herkimer County, NY State. Because these crystals formed under special nearly perfect conditions they are all perfect little double terminated (pointed) crystals which do indeed look like a handful of Diamonds.
Strictly speaking the term 'Herkimer Diamonds' only relates to those from the above location. In common usage it also refers to the shape, hence one can see 'Tibetan Herkimers' however these never have the perfect clarity and form of the real thing.
Metaphysically, Herkimers represent a high white light vibration that helps you attune to your higher self whilst in the physical world.
These rings have a sturdy shaped band that widens to enclose the stone and are bezel set, with open back to help the energies to flow.
Shamans have used Herkimers for Astral Travel, entering the crystal through one point and exiting into the spirit world through the other, returning in the same way.
Others have used the same technique to access past lives.
Like any clear quartz, the Herkimer responds to positive affirmations by amplifying them.
Herkimers approx 5-6 mms long
 US Ring Size 8,8.5 or 9
Cost AUD $ 129
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