Loose Leaf White Sage

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Californian Loose Leaf White Sage
Sustainably harvested, this loose leaf White Sage is perfect for cleansing your home.  Smudging is an ancient practice used to cleanse or purify a yourself or your space, and remove negative, stagnant or unwanted energies or vibrations. 
How to use?  Place a small amount of leaves ( 2 or 3 is generally enough ) in a ceramic bowl or abalone shell. Set them alight, then blow out the flames so the leaves smoulder giving off the healing smoke.
Move the bowl around the space you want to clear, repeating or affirming  an intention to the universe, something like -
"May any unwanted, or negative energies, entities or vibrations please leave this space, and return to the healing white light above."
Smudging is all about your intention and what you would like to remove, always leave your intention on a positive note such as "with love and light."
Many people prefer this method to sage sticks ~ it's easy to use and the smoke is just a touch milder.
The Californian Loose Leaf White Sage comes in three different sizes,
10g  $6.95, 20g $11.95 and 50g $19.95.
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