Moonstone Earrings, Angel Wings, 925 Silver, kt2


Moonstone Earrings | 925 Sterling Silver.
Rainbow Moonstone, with it's brilliant blue flashes, is extremely popular, but there's a lot to be said for what I call ' Classic Moonstone ' as in these earrings.
Yes, it's less 'flashy' ( pun intended ) but it's energy somehow feels more pure and centering and akin to the energy of the Moon after which it is named.
Here a round cabochon of classic Moonstone dangles from a teardrop of the same.
Both are bezel set with open backs, and are held by two Sterling silver Angel wings.
The intricate feathers on the wings are highlighted with just a touch of defining oxidation.
Lovely design and craftsmanship from Julios' Workshop.
These earrings definately make a statement but they are still comfortably light in weight.
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