Nuummite Pendant, Oval cabochon 925 Silver, r4


Nuumite Pendant | 925 Sterling Silver. 

Nuumite is an attractive black stone spangled with golden platelets, and it's a stone with a story. Although only discovered relatively recently it's actually, at 3 Billion years of age, one of the oldest stones around.

Here this Mystical Gemstone is carved into an Oval shaped Cabochon and nicely bezel set in 925 Sterling Silver. The back is left open so the energies of the stone can mingle with yours. It's a simple quality setting that just shows off the stone.

Discovered in Greenland, still the only source, Nuummite can only be mined during the short winter months, hence it's relatively rare and pricey. We've not had any stock for a while so are very happy to present this range to you.

When Nuummite emerged into our world it created quite a stir and rapidly earned the title of the "Sorcerers Stone" giving the power of magical manifestation. It's a good stone for achieving things despite inner resistance. Soul retrieval. Overcoming victim feelings. All these things do promote physical healing of course, but to me Nuummite is a stone of Ancient Wisdom. Know thyself.

Those dancing golden platelets seduce your consciousness into the dark depths of the stone, and hence into the dark depths of your own psyche. Here you can encounter and deal with deep things you've been avoiding, and in doing so you become empowered. The stone opens the doorway but you do the work yourself.

You do emerge from this process a stronger being with more clarity and self understanding, and hence more successful and from the outside that might indeed  appear to be magic ~ but only in that it brings out the innate magic of your own being.

Face 21 x 32 mm
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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm 925 Silver belcher chain, not included
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