NUUMITE ( Or Nuummite or Nuummitt ) is a very ancient rock which underwent a metamorphosis into it’s present form nearly 3 Billion years ago which makes it one of the oldest stones available. Having maintained it's form and avoided all the subsequent upheavals in the Earth's Crust you have to say that Nuumite is a survivor !

Nuumite is only found in Greenland where it can only be mined during the brief Summer months, hence it's always been somewhat rare and expensive.

It presents as a black opaque rock with fascinating platelets of gold Gedite shimmering inside as if floating in space. Sometimes but more rarely one sees a blue fire.

Nuumite is a powerful stone for transformation. My first thought was that those golden lights shimmering just below the surface seduce you into journeying deeper - into the stone and into yourself. Suddenly, without realising how you got there,  you find yourself in your inner basement dealing with all the deep stuff you've been avoiding even though it holds you back. This stone can cut through all those unconscious entanglements and other Karmic Debris we've accumulated. Ultimately we emerge stronger and more grounded but there can be a period of chaos in your life during the detoxification process.

Blue Nuumite I've been wearing for a few months now and the most astonishing thing I've learned is how to properly relax !  I've dropped the incredible fear-based pressure I used to put upon myself to get things done. Whereas Gold Nuumite sorted out my physical, the Blue has given me my soul back.