Opal Pendant, Violet Flame, Triangle Cabochon, 925 Silver, r2


Violet Flame Opal, 925 Sterling Silver. 
Only recently discovered in Mexico this is a White Opal with a unique Violet Flame surging through it.
Here we have a nicely rounded triangular cabochon with a lot of purple and some translucence. Strong bezel setting in 925 Sterling silver holds the stone firmly. Open backed to allow the energies of the stone to flow more freely with yours.
Most of us are familiar with 'Precious' Opal where the iridescent play of colours is caused by the presence of tiny spheres of Christobalite. This variety of Opal lacks that, but to me this unusual Violet is no less impressive.
Multiple colours can also be distracting ~ Here there's a clear focus on the 3rd eye
Blended as it is with the colour of white light, this is one of the best stones for the 3rd eye Chakra and Spiritual Vision.
Other top 3rd eye stones would be Amethyst or Sugilite, but what strikes me with the Violet Flame Opal is the air of peace and relaxation it brings.
I find myself at rest with my spirit, allowing myself to recharge while I wait patiently for the next step.
Face 24 x 24 mm
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