Orgonite Pendant ~ Chakra Mandala


Orgone Pendant with Chakra Stones and Mandala
This is a crazy pendant for us. I feel like a Rapper wearing this big Gold Medallion !
But it's cleverly made and I really enjoyed the energy, feeling much more confident and out going.
The Mandala consists of an interconnected 6 point Star which also known as the Star of David or Seal of Solomon. Basically it's a fire and water triangle combined.
Each point and the centre have a Chakra Symbol and the relevant stone is embedded below below it.
The Mandala is actually called ' Metatrons' Cube ' and symbolises the knowledge of life revealed when the 3rd eye is opened.
The bright gold coloured flakes of metal, along with the gold chain which is included in the price really make this a statement piece.
Diameter 50 mm