Orgonite Pendant, Oblong, with Chakra Chips


Orgone Pendants with Amethyst Gemstone Chips
An oblong block of Orgonite with copper spiral on the front face to further facilitate absorption of Orgone Energy. This alone increases well being with it's positive energy.
Tn this case though the resin was also embedded with a rainbow of Colored Quartz Chips to represent the Chakras.
Orgonite is a simple material made from organic resin enclosing copper shavings which accumulates the positive Orgone or Pranic energy in the surrounding air, leading to an improvement in your well being. The organic material attracts Orgone energy whilst the metal component repels it so you get a dynamic cycle  which cleanses your energy. As the resin cools it contracts slightly which gives an activating pressure to any crystal inside it.

Approx dimensions 21 mm x 32 mm, 9 deep.
Price inludes the waxed Black Cotton cord 53~54 cms with clasp
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