Orgonite Pyramid with Rainbow Chakra Colours


Orgone Pyramid with Chakra Layers ~ Energise the Whole
Combining the power of Orgonite with Crystal and Pyramid energies.
Orgonite is a mixture of copper shavings in organic resin. As the resin sets it contracts slightly and this enables it to attract Orgone Energy from the air.
If you add Crystals, then they are activated by that same contraction and empowered by the Orgonite ~ so you can create a strong Energy Field coloured by whichever Crystal is enclosed.
The Pyramid Shape is wonderful for pulling spiritual energy down into the Material Plane, so it really grounds the energy into reality.
The Clear Crystal in Copper spiral is an extra conduit to those higher energies.
The Spiral in one face helps you connect more personally through your Heart.

This Pyramid contains all the seven Chakra Colours, all nicely layered, but these are colored quartz chips not the usual gemstones. Happily that is reflected in the price and since the Charkas are all related to their respective colours this pyramid still works. In fact one could argue it's better to have each Chakra represented by the same stone, Quartz, with different colours added

Chakra constructs like this are designed to balance and activate the whole energy system.
Base approx 70 mm
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