Orgonite Pyramid with Citrine and Clear Quartz Point


Orgone Pyramid with Citrine
Combining the power of Orgonite with Crystal and Pyramid energies.
Orgonite is a mixture of copper shavings in organic resin. As the resin sets it contracts slightly and this enables it to attract the Orgone Energy from the surrounding environment.
This contraction also activates the Citrine that it's seeded with, thus activating the crystal energy as well. Citrine is a stone of abundant and prosperous energy that never holds negative energy, so we put one on our desk immediately ! Wherever you need a consistent burst of positive energy this Pyramid is a great choice.
The Pyramid Shape itself is wonderful for pulling spiritual energy down into the Material Plane, so it really grounds that energy into reality.
The Clear Crystal in Copper spiral is an extra conduit to those higher energies.
The Spiral in one face helps you connect is like a gateway between you, the pyramid and the universe.
This Citrine and Orgonite Pyramid is therefore a particularly potent source of lively and abundant energy allied with Higher Consciouness and Harmony.
Base 75 mm approx
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