Palo Santo ~ Holy Wood

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Palo Santo ~ Holy Wood
Originating from Peru, Palo Santo assists with cleansing, balancing and grounding your energy - as well possessing a wholesome camp fire aroma.
"Opens communication with the spiritual world. Balances the inner self, attracts happiness and calms the mind. Purifies negative energy."
How to use - Using a lighter, ignite one the end of Palo Santo.  It may take a little while for the flame to catch. Once it does, blow the flame out and run the smoke around your body as though you where washing yourself of negativity. Repeat to yourself your intention, such as;
"May this my energy be calm, balance and at peace. Any unwanted vibrations that no longer serve or, or are not my own, please return to the healing golden light, with peace and love."
Ensure you do not leave the wood unattended when lit, place on a heat proof dish.
Smudging is all about your intention and what you would like to remove, always leave your intention on a positive note such as "with love and light."
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