Rhodonite Pendant, Single Point, Silver Plated


Rhodonite Pendant
One of our Crystal Costume Range consists of Genuine Gemstones set in Silver Plated white metal ~ click the link below to see the full range.
The stones are all nice quality but since we're not using Sterling Silver they are much more affordable.
Sadly we can't take individual photos of each but I do go through the whole stock when it arrives and select some of the best for this website.
This is classic Rhodonite ~ Flesh Pink with Black Inclusions. It's still a loving energy but more practical than Rose Quartz and good for emotional healing.
We can add an adjustable black cotton cord for $2 extra, there's an option to order that.
Click the link below for the whole range of Crystal Costume, or the second link to see all of our Jewellery with this stone.