Bee Pendant & Earring with Enamel, 925 Silver


Delightful Bee Earrings & Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver and Enamel.
Bees symbolise creativity, fertility and cooperation. In the Ancient World Bees were Associated with Goddess energies. Priestesses in ancient Minoa were called Melissa meaning Bee, as were priestesses of Artemis and Demeter and even the Delphic Oracle was referred to as the Delphic Bee.
The Honeycomb is a symbol of the Heart and the sweetness that lies within.
So this Bee is not only a lovely piece of Jewellery to Gift someone with but also an ancient symbol of feminine wisdom and power.
Small Bee Pendant is 20 x 19 mm ( including legs ) $49.95
Large Pendant Wingspan 35 mm, Body 26 mm (incl legs) $99.95
Earring drop is 35 mm. $99.95
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