Septarian Gemstone Crystal Egg 2


Septarian Gemstone Egg
Septarian is a concretion of rock, formed from a calcium-rich clay that hardened into a limestone nodule. Later, the rock shrank, creating cracks that were then filled with water in which calcite crystal formed. The angular cracks are called septaria which comes from the Greek word ‘septum’ meaning partition.
That Calcium rich clay was originally the bed of an Ocean so the source of the Calcium was Marine Life. The Brown crystals that filled those cracks are Aragonite, and the yellow ones are Calcite  (Aragonite is the Trigonal form of Calcite which is generally cubic)
Septarian is a grounding and nurturing stone which helps expression of inner feelings.
An Egg is an interesting shape ~ from the base a perfect sphere full of potential but from the side you see that potential taking a particular form. Meditating with an Egg is helpful to allow your true desire to take shape and grow.
43 x 61 mm
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