Tibetan Singing Bowl, Red

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Tibetan Singing Bowl
Activating Red on 5 Metal Alloy
Singing bowls vibrate a beautiful healing sound.
They have been used for thousands of years, helping reduce stress, deepen your relaxation, bringing clarity of mind, cleansing your crystals & home of negative energies, along with so much more.
Each comes with a stick, and there's two ways to use it.
Firstly you can strike the bowl directly giving a clear tone which takes a long time to die away. This is my favourite when starting a meditation. I strike the bowl gently 3 times then listen to the sound fade away. Generally my busy thoughts fade away at the same time and I can more easily slip into a deeper meditative state.
Secondly you can hold the bowl in the palm of your hand, not holding it with your fingers, and run the stick around the outside. It takes a bit of practice but soon the bowl will begin to vibrate and sing.
That singing vibration has a very high frequency and harmony.
 It's  beautifully clearing, healing, and cleansing.
Every time I demonstrate one I feel that positive clearing uplift in my energy.

These singing bowls come in three sizes -
Small - Approx 100 mm diameter
Medium - Approx 110 mm diameter
Large - Approx 130 mm diameter
We love singing bowls and always use them in the shop.  They will make a great addition to your meditation practice, yoga studio or just to keep at home.
*All singing bowls come with a wooden stick*
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