Topaz Ring, Golden, Raw Crystal, Size 7.5, 925 Silver, r3


Golden Topaz Ring | 925 Sterling Silver
A lovely nugget of raw Golden Topaz Crystal here, following the original crystal shape and showing the original striations on it's face.
Set as a Ring with a simple open backed Bezel Setting that just shows off this precious gemstone with no distractions. It's a Signet style ring which is more solid with thicker silver and thicker band that protectively spans the stone at it's widest.
These beautiful uncut Gemstones really are Natures' works of Art in the Mineral Kingdom. Raw stones like these are becoming more popular due to the natural and more organic appeal.
Golden Topaz is one of those Legendary Stones of History. The Reddish Pink varieties are called Imperial Topaz. Ancient Egyptians believed the Topaz was the stone of Ra, the Sun God, and would be a blessing for his protection and favor.
There's also a Blue Topaz, although this is found very rarely in Nature and in paler shades. The lovely blues you see around have all been radiated to deepen the colour. Nevertheless the Blue Topaz is still a stone of Uplift and Joy helping to clear mental fatigue.
The energy of Golden Topaz however is Warm, Expansive and Healing. It's also very fulfilling, which encourages Emotional Independence. From this higher place it's easier to manifest a better life.
Gem Quality Golden Topaz is rare and very expensive. My early purchases of unset faceted stones were disappointing because after a while the colour faded. There's also the problem that what is sometimes called Indian Topaz  is actually Brandy Citrine.
What to do ? I really wanted stock of this lovely stone. So I sourced these lovely natural crystals. 100% real and untreated. Beautiful golden glow that doesn't fade. No radiation involved. Just Natural Beauty.

Face 10 x 15 mm
US Ring Size 7.5, AUS Size O1/2
Cost in Australian Dollars AUD $259
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