Colombianite Pendant with Herkimer Diamond, 925 Silver r4


Pendant, Raw Natural Colombianite  | 925 Sterling Silver
So nice to get a 'new' stone into the shop. Colombianite  is a tektite found only in one crater in Colombia. Most Tektites are volcanic in origin, but many say that this Tektite also is a result of a Cosmic Collision, just like Moldavite. After handling it for a while it certainly has a special energy which I call  'Mellow Moldavite'
This raw nugget has a a polished back and is held securely with strong Sterling Silver wires which just show off the stone. Set above this is a Herkimer Diamond. The vertically set Herkimer Diamond is a white light dynamo that enhances the energy of the Colombianite and also creates a portal connecting Heaven and Earth, Above and Below.
Regular Volcanic Tektites don't affect me very much, but with this one there was an immediate flush of energy, so much that I forgot my usual morning coffee, so that was a real effect ! Unlike Moldavite though, this energy is more grounding and over the next few days I observed a lot of real world introspection, especially encountering that depression I think many of us suffer from as we recover from the disruption of lock downs and the state of the World in general. Thanks perhaps to this stone I was also able to reconnect with the confidence that once again I could triumph over the obstacles.
In summary I find Colombianite to be a stone that is both Energising & Grounding but with a Heart Centred  inner awareness that can help through negative emotions like depression. The Herkimer allows us to direct the energy with our Higher Consciouness.

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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm 925 Silver Belcher chain, not included
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