Moldavite & Tektite Collection

Moldavite is the result of a huge Meteor or Comet striking the Earth about 14.7 million years ago. In the instant before impact the column of hot air preceding the comet melted part of the Earth's crust which was flung high into the atmosphere to land far away in the Moldau valley, hence the name.  Moldavite is the only naturally occurring transparent green Obsidian and only found in this one location hence it's value increases every year.

So Moldavite is not actually extra terrestrial, as some people still say. But certainly in that crazy moment of Comet, Atmosphere and molten Earth combining, I think it's safe to say that all Moldavite does carry some part of it's interstellar instigator.

As I write this, Rosetta has just landed on a Comet and seeing the pics of it's surface they look so similar to the patterns in Moldavite that I can't help feeling that it somehow carries the soul of the Comet that Fathered it on Mother Earth.

Moldavite has always been valued. Amulets of this stone were actually found next to the Venus of Willendorf, dated 40000 BC ! Worn as Jewellery this ancient stone reflects it's origins ~ don't forget, you're following the traditions of your Palaeolithic Ancestors ! It's as if as if the Universe is knocking on your Heart's door and reconnecting you ~ hence so many people report intense energy and personal transformation.

PS I've included Libyan Glass and Colombian Tektite in this collection

 Moldavite however is a one off finite resource which is becoming mined out. Hence it's value is increasing, so I buy Moldavite with great care from only two suppliers that I trust. Moldavite is a Tektite, an Obisidian formed by flight through the Atmosphere. Hence it's basically a form of glass and hence easy to forge ~ and more tempting as value increases. In the trade we call this " Heinekenite " because, well, those beer bottles are the same colour :-) In fact, Moldavite has been imitated for 100s of years ~ so even with an antique piece you can't assume it's authentic.

Fortunately, the identification of faceted Moldavite is simple. Besides their flow texture and abundant bubbles ( almost always much more abundant than in an artificial glass ), moldavites contain “wires” of lechatelierite, a high-temperature form of SiO2. Lechatelierite is very easy to see with a loupe due to its lower RI. Another way to check is using fluorescent light. Chinese imitations have a chalky  look. Genuine Moldavite ( and unfortunately those Nineteenth Century imitations ) are both inert.

Moldavite is not like regular glass. Moldavite is more stable, has much less Alkali metals and is much "drier" Moldavites also melt at a lower temperature ~ hence they cool and harden much more quickly than regular tektites.

Although it's sad to see a resource depleted I do feel that it's all meant to be. If ever the planet needed personal transformation, it's now !

Perhaps because of my science background you should know that I do regularly check the authenticity of ALL our gemstones. I only buy Moldavite from two suppliers I totally trust. Many times I've seen "Moldavite" for sale at overseas gemshows ~ but despite attractive pricing, it just looks wrong and feels energetically dead.

So enjoy the collection and now you can shop with trust. I get a lot of energy just from looking at the pics !