Citrine Clusters 002


Citrine Gemstone Cluster
Citrine represents the energy of the Sun. Warm, abundant and prosperous.
It's also one of the only two stones that can't hold negative energy ( the other is Kyanite )
It's a great stone to have wherever you need that positive abundant energy, by the cash drawer for a business, or in the prosperity corner of any room ( That's the far left corner when you look in from your door ) 
These raw specimens are a small enough to add to an alter, meditate with or to just enjoy their beauty. 
Citrine is actually Amethyst that formed at a higher temperature. This can occur naturally, but most Citrine you see is actually Amethyst that has been heated after it was mined. Since this is just mimicking a natural process it doesn't seem to affect the energy, and in fact much of what you read about Citrine was actually written about heated Amethyst !
In purely natural Citrine the colour is generally less intense and the energy a bit more mellow.
Approx dimensions;
Specimen D - 40 x 25 mm
Specimen E - 30 x 30mm
Specimen F - 40 x 20mm