Citrine Collection

Citrine is a Golden Quartz Variety. This gemstone is basically the same as Amethyst but formed at a higher temperature - over 500 Centigrade. Sometimes if the energy is hovering around 500 degress at the time of formation you can get Amethyst and Citrine forming in the same crystal - this is called Ametrine.
Citrine embodies the energy of the Sun. Warm, abundant, life giving, prosperous, and confident. One of only two stones which cannot hold negativity, Citrine is always positive, promotes mental clarity and vitality and connects to higher forces of intelligence.  This is one of the great “Energy Stones” in all areas of endeavour. Of course it's also known as the "Prosperity Stone" since abundant energy can materialise materially !
***** NB we have an abundant supply ~ there are TWO pages of jewels :-)
Nearly all of the Citrine you see in the shops is Amethyst that has been heated artificially. It still has Citrine energy, but a bit sharper. Natural Citrine is rarer and has a more mellow energy. All our Citrine is heated unless stated otherwise.