Iolite Sunstone Pendant, Teardrop Cabochon, 925 Silver, r6


Iolite Sunstone Gemstone Pendant
Bezel Set in 925 Sterling Silver with Open Back.
Sunstone generally is a Feldspar, like Moonstone, seeded with tiny platelets of golden or red Hematite or Goethite. Due to their dispersal in the Matrix ( Mother Rock ) they can suddenly catch the light when moved in the right direction and come to life. I've always likened this effect to that of the Sun coming out from behind dark clouds in a joyful burst.
This Gemstone is hard to capture accurately in a photograph. The main pic is really bright but shows the structure. The Hand Pic where I moved the Stone to 'Catch the Flash' is more accurate for that. In other light and angles it's just a plain dark blue stone !

Iolite Sunstone has exactly the same ability to suddenly flash you with unexpected brilliance ~ except this time it's Iolite, not Feldspar, in which those shiny platelets are dispersed.

Iolite is also known as Water Sapphire because of it's deep blue purple colour.
It was once known as the ' Viking Compass ' because it changes colour according to it's angle to the Sun and it was said that Ancient Vikings used that quality to navigate by the Sun on cloudy days.
Iolite is a lovely stone resonates with the 3rd eye, helping one find Spiritual Vision and Direction ~  and with the extra quality of the Sunstone it really helps you to navigate your own journey through the oceans of your life.
Face 33 x 47 mm
Cost in Australian Dollars 199
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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm 925 Silver Belcher chain, not included
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