Iolite Collection

IOLITE (Water Sapphire)
Iolite is the Gem version of Cordierite. This violet blue stone is pleochroic ~ it changes colour according to the angle of the light - from blue grey to Violet to yellow brown. It's said that Ancient Vikings took advantage of this property & used slices of Iolite as a compass to find the Sun on overcast days. Similarly it helps indicate your own destiny & direction in life. Iolite gently stimulates growth & expression of spirit intuition & visualisation, yet also encourages material responsibility.

Crystal System ~ Orthorhombic.  Hardness 7-7.5 (same as Quartz )
Refractive Index 1.55 to 1.63

* Libra Stone
* Viking Compass
* 3rd Eye Chakra / inner vision
* integrates divisions