Iolite (Water Sapphire) Ring, Faceted Round, 925 Silver


Nicely styled 925 Sterling Silver Ring that looks good on the Hand.
Bezel set and open backed to allow the light to sparkle through, and the energy of the stone to mix more readily with yours.
This round faceted gemstone is a nice dark blue with violet tinge and good clariy, with a few inclusions.  It looks like expensive sapphire but it's actually a different stone altogether called Cordierite, hence it's also called Water Sapphire  to point out the similarity but also differentiate it.
Iolite is pleochroic, meaning it's colour can change from grey blue to Violet according to the direction you view it. It's also been called the 'Viking Compass' because it's said that those ancient seafarers could guess the position of the Sun on an overcast day by moving the stone around and observing the colour change.
Not surprising then that this beautiful stone encourages spiritual exploration and helps to keep you on the path.
It's an uplifting stone to wear, connecting Heart and 3rd eye.
It's easy sense of calm direction also reduces stress which is good for the nerves.
This ring is available in many sizes.
Stone 8 mm diameter 
US Ring Size 5.75, 7 and 7.75
Cost in Australian Dollars AUD $159
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