Labradorite Pendant, Raw Unpolished Oval, 925 Silver, r3

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There's some extraordinarily vivid colour flashes in this oval of raw and unpolished Labradorite of deep indigo blue, Turquoise Green and Gold.
These colours are most visible from certain angles ~ as you can see in the second pic from the side they almost disappear.
If you are wearing this piece and tilt the stone towards you then the full colour is revealed ~ a reminder that you wear this stone for you not others.
Labradorite is a Feldspar so basically it's a dark Moonstone. As such it works more on the Emotions you hide in your subconscious. Recovery of these often leads to positive insights and hence powers of which you were previously unaware, and for this reason it's also known as 'The Mystic Stone' with the power to reveal things which were hidden.
This is an empowering stone which can help reveal and manifest your true vision and path in life.
Set as a pendant in a simple Bezel with bright quality sterling silver and an open back to allow the energies to flow and mingle better with yours.
Raw stones are becoming increasingly popular due to their natural uncut organic beauty. There's a whole collection in the Crystals pull down menu on the Home Page.
Face 26 x 42 mm
Cost in Australian Dollars 169
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Displayed on a 45 cm by 3 mm 925 Silver Belcher Chain, not included
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