Labradorite Collection

Labradorite is the same family as Rainbow Moonstone but with a darker matrix. Hence it deals more with the unconscious emotions. These aren't necessarily negative, just ones we didn't want to deal with at the time and put them away. Once we reunite with these consciously we are more whole and hence feel more empowered. Imagine there's a spare room in your inner house where you've just been placing all the things you don't have a use for or want to deal with at that time. While working with Labradorite to write this I found myself clearing out that spare room in my real flat :-) and there was a lot of good stuff there I'd forgotten about. Useful items, past projects - hardly anything without use.

So by clearing out that inner junk room one is empowered with lost talents as well as by being cleansed and organised !

Spectrolite is a variety of Labradorite found in Finland. It is closer grained and exhibits more of a rainbow of colours.