Moldavite Ring, Raw Nugget, Claw Set, 925 Silver r6


Genuine nugget of Raw Moldavite set in 925 Sterling Silver
Moldavite is the only naturally occurring transparent green Obsidian and only found in one area so it's value increases every year.
Nicely set in bright 925 Sterling Silver with strong claws to hold the stone securely and open backed so the energy of Moldavite can mix freely with yours.
I've written at some length about Moldavite which you can find at the top of the Moldavite Collection, link below.
Briefly, about 15 million years ago a large Meteor hit the Earth. In the brief instant before impact a column of super heated pushed in front of the comet melted the Earth's surface. The ejecta flew into the air to land some 100s of kilometres away in the area now known as Czechoslovakia.
So Moldavite is a result of a collision with a Celestial Body. It escaped at the very last moment from the disintegration of actual impact. It has all the markings of a regular tektite but no doubt contains a few molecules of the meteor itself. It has an interesting History !
This history makes Moldavite one of the most powerful stones for energising heart centred transformation and connection between the Personal and the Universal.
The Universe is knocking on the door of your Heart.
Stone 12 x 14 mm approx
US Ring Size 11.5, AUS Size W1/2
Cost in Australian Dollars 329
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