Uvarovite Garnet Ring, Vivid Green Druse, Size 7 -8.5, 925 Silver, s2


Uvarovite Cluster Ring | 925 Sterling Silver
Uvarovite is one of the vary rarest member of the Garnet family. The vivid green crystal colour is thanks to the presence of Chromium. 
Uvarovite generally forms very small crystals, not big enough for faceting, but I love this vibrant colour and fell for these very sparkly druzy specimens. The crystals are small but they are well defined.
The colour, leaf shape and organic natural state all add up to a powerful connection with nature.
Garnets generally are energising and centering stones.
Uvarovite has an intense and activating healing energy helping you achieve your goals in a joyful energised and healthy manner.
The Setting is a classic Bezel in good quality 925 Sterling Silver with an open back so that you can view the entire piece.
You can see that one side of the band is not fixed to the face, this is where the ring adjusts. US 7 to 8.5 is the comfortable range.
The finger photograph is taken in daylight, the rest in my Light Box.
Caring For this Ring ~ These crystals are millions of years old, so they are fairly tough. However do be careful of knocking them on hard objects, and don't wear them in Water or dip them in any cleaning liquids. The Silver can easily be cleaned with a silver cloth
Face 18 x 34 mm
Ring Size is adjustable, from US 7 to 8.5
Cost in Australian Dollars AUD $379
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