Garnet Collection

Garnet Crystals are dodecahedrons. Like a ball with 12 equal facets which connect to the 12 astrological signs. This is a clue to the main characteristic of Garnet. It is centering and connecting.
The warm & friendly nature of Garnet aids emotional mental integration and regeneration. A healing and strengthening stone to harmonise negative or chaotic energies, chanelling them in a beneficial and healing manner. Garnet endows a personality with charisma, warmth and protective strength.
Generally we think of Garnets as Red stones, but there are greens and oranges too. 
The list below covers most, but there's often some cross over to make identification by eye difficult
Red ~ Almandine
Deep Red to Black ~ Melanite
Red/Violet ~ Rhodolite
Black ~ Melanite
Green ~ Demantoid, Tsavorite,
Bright Chrome Green ~ Uvarovite
Grossular ~ Gooseberry Green
Mandarin ~ Spessartite with bright Orange.