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Marc James Jewellery

I'm proud to officially present my my line of Jewellery and to be honest rather amused at the unpredictable twists and turns our path can take. After all I was raised as a scientist studying geochemistry computers and cybernetics. My last "Real Job" was as a seismologist for an Oil Exploration company  (though I was also secretly practising Yoga, writing poetry and reading Tarot.)  Anyway, I took a leave in India and "accidentally" checked out the Rajneesh Ashram in Pune and to cut a long story short learned about meditation, the value of a spiritual life, and the fact that I loved Crystals for their Energy and Beauty not the science. Which a few years later led to the founding of Crystal Heart. My focus was always on the stones - that's how I choose Jewellery - but after a while I began to get frustrated and buy my own stones for setting. It's only recently though that I've begun to really design something different. For me every stone is a poem and that tells me the shape. The designs are to me a blend of Art and Science. The science schoolboy who used to slip into the metalwork labs to make rings on the lathes there wow nearly half a century ago has finally flowered ! Check them out and hope you enjoy.


PS The name Marc James was my nom de plume when I wote my best selling crystal book - now out of print as I never get time to update it !

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