It's 10.30 pm. I've just closed the shop. In between customers trying to upload more beautiful stones . . . . they say men can't multitask, but we can if we really want to !

I'm lucky that I love so much all these stones I choose because on top of running a very busy new age store I'm squeezing in 4 hours every day photographing weighing measuring and uploading and I'm only just catching up with all the yummy stuff I bought on the last trip ! So you'll have to bear with me, there's so much in new books and CDs - I'll get to them as soon as I can.

So over last few days - Arizona Turquoise, Manifestation quartz with Moldavite, unusual crystalline malachite pendants and more. Check out the latest Jewellery uploads, just below the sliding screens on the home page.

By the way, if things are hectic in your life right now - there's two eclipses this month plus a grand cross alignment with Mars v Uranus and Pluto v Jupiter. Time to deal with a lot of old issues !

Look forward to seeing you or processing your order !


Love and Light,



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