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 As a Spiritual Shop we so often talk about being “ On the Path “ but whilst meditating this morning it occurred to me that I hadn’t really thought what that means.

 We can all understand a path in the physical world. We choose a destination, plan our route and start off with a good idea what the journey will be like.

 What we can’t control is our emotional journey. How we experience that path internally. After all, we can be climbing the Fells in biting rain and feel ecstatic yet amble through a Summer’s Woods in abject pain.

 As we realise this truth we begin to understand the Spiritual Path. The external goal is not so important but how we experience it, which is a beginning to understanding who we truly are.

 The goal of the Path is to find your inner or true self. The beauty is that once you realise this and acknowledge it, so much else falls into place. Material goals especially gain perspective. They’re still important but your self identity or approval no longer depends on them. Another lovely thing is that once you acknowledge you’re on the path it doesn’t matter how long the journey takes !

 Of course it’s not all easy. Many false selves and patterns have to be recognised and have to die so that the True Self can be revealed and we reach that glorious uplift of Enlightenment after a life of pain and joy, pleasure and sacrifice.

 So it seemed an appropriate thought to share this Easter.

 Writing this I realise that Crystal Heart exists to help anyone on the Path. From the Heart, we all wish fellow travellers a happy and insightful journey over this very special long weekend . . . .




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