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MOLDAVITE Falls into the Heart :-)

I love the Synchronicity sometimes. Just as were were really running out a new whole batch fell into my lap :-) and I've just finished uploading it - MOLDAVITE COLLECTION

Moldavite is the result of a huge Meteor or Comet striking the Earth about 15 million years ago. In the instant before impact part of the Earth's crust melted and was flung high into the atmosphere to land far away in the Moldau valley. Moldavite is the only naturally occurring transparent green Obsidian and only found in one location hence it's value increases every year. As I write this, Rosetta has just landed on a Comet and seeing the pics of it's surface they look so similar to the patterns in Moldavite that I can't help feeling that it somehow carries the soul of the Comet that Fathered it on Mother Earth.This beautiful stone carries a massive punch :-) which will transform and energise your Heart - for by wearing this the Universe is knocking on it's door.


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