Tonight I uploaded our new Carnelian range bought on my last trip because the quality was just too good to ignore. Carnelian is to my mind a much under rated stone. It stimulates creativity and grounds scattered thoughts. When I left the oil company I worked for and devoted myself to a spiritual life in India a Swami friend gave me a lovely cabochon Carnelian which I set in a ring I'd bought with me. So there I am, travelling through India in my robes and Mala, in a completely alien world with revolutionary new ideas. But looking back I can see that all the time i spent gazing into my Carnelian ring really helped me maintain focus and identity. Somehow, leaving from Delhi Airport that ring just disappeared. It had done it's job, I guess, and I hope it helped whoever found it just as much ! So OK, it's bright orange may not be the best Fashion statement - but that very fact is why it works. Dare to be different ! Wear Carnelian ! :-)

You'll find the range here - CARNELIAN COLLECTION

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