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Last night we celebrated the opening with Champagne. I had a few too many, intending to take today off because this website has been such a steep learning curve I can't remember when I last took a real day off.

But I woke up in the morning and pushed the hangover aside because I had a great idea for the Latin Motto Rings I recently got made. I googled a nice old pic of the Coliseum in Rome, printed it up and stuck it in the light box I use to photograph the Jewellery. It looked like a miniature stage for an old play :-) you can see it in the Homepage.  The unexpected bonus is that when you look at the individual pics you can see a crowd of ancient Tourists looking down on them.

I'm very pleased with these rings. I had one 20 years ago and always liked it so I looked up some more suitable mottoes and organised the casting.

Latin may be a dead language but it's influence is still very much alive in so many modern tongues and even our education and cities. They had a very pithy way with words and say a lot with very few. I've been wearing my favourite - AMORVINCIT OMNIA - and every time I look at it it reminds me of the value and power of love.

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