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Apologies and Lessons !

Well, apologies to all that I couldn't maintain my proud boast of uploading a new stone every day. Things have been busy with our 3rd record month in a row in the shop plus all that unwelcome but necessary end of year stuff. Big thanks to our truly wonderful Crystal Heart team.

Yesterday I learned a big lesson. We've got a lovely new range of earrings and rings in so I got into speed mode. Took some "clever" shortcuts with the photography intending to surprise everyone with an upload last night.

Yes, you guessed it. The photos weren't good enough. This morning I got the clear message - IT'S NOT A RACE ! So today I took the photos slowly and lovingly. The right way. It took exactly the same time as the shortcut ! Talk about tortoise and hare.

Time is a valuable commodity. From now on I'm going to take my time and enjoy the scenery :-D





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