In this one year I find myself thinking a lot about beginnings, and in this case I distinctly remember in the beginning of this Business back in the '80s telling a new staff member that at Crystal Heart that whether the customer was spending one dollar or a thousand they should receive the same love and attention. We've remained as true to that concept as we can be. So I've chosen a few popular and affordable styles and got them made in quantity with lots more different stones and sizes. Check out the Latest Jewellery Uploads.
With each style there's either a link or search instructions. For example, to see all the Cabochon Rings just search RC on the site. Price range is 39.95-59.95.
Beginnings. I started this business in 1986 at the age of 33. I'd already tried a lot of careers. Geology, Seismology, Restaurants, Hotels ( the Savoy in London no less ) Oil Exploration, Builder. In all these trial careers I spent my spare time scribbling away because I really wanted to be a famous writer :-) Yet somehow I never felt I fit. Until I started this business and suddenly knew what to do. 31 years later, here I am. Thanks for all your support. Even though I can get a bit " Basil Fawlty " at times  I still love dealing with so many lovely people every day.

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