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Cancer Update

Hi everyone and again sorry for my intermittent blogging. There's been a lot going on ! As you may know I was diagnosed with uveal (eye) cancer back in February. It was too thick for radiotherapy but I was blessed to join a trial for a new drug. Sure enough the first two 4 week cycles went very well with the tumour shrinking nicely.  The goal was too get it small enough that radiotherapy could be used, but suddenly on month three the cancer began to grow again.

I knew that cancer feeds on sugar, so I was already on a low carb zero sugar high fat diet. What had gone wrong ? Here a few positive youtube lectures showed the way.

I listened to to an American Oncologist and discovered High Dose Melatonin which cured the side effects overnight. So then I could take the medication without a meal and return to the Intermittent Fasting that I'd been practising before treatment, along with a weekly 24 hour water fast. In short I recovered my metabolic health and the Tumour began to shrink again.

So I'm happy to report that I now qualify for low radiation brachytherapy and am off to hospital next Friday.

If anyone is involved with Cancer, I'd really suggest you listen to Dr Shallenberger and Prof Seyfried on YouTube. These are really exciting developments in cancer Treatment.

Blessings to all !

Marc James


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