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Crystal Power proves itself again !

With Lau away on holidays, a mountain of new Gems to process, and no days off, I've been feeling fatigued. A mild hangover this morning didn't help ! Nevertheless I stuck to my goal of processing the big bag of Larimar I'd bought because the prices were so good. Larimar is a rare variety of Pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic, an Island in the Carribean, and it does carry a deep oceanic energy ~ emotionally relaxing, empowering and free flowing. Pendants are all uploaded now, check out
Whilst occupied with this, a customer in the shop asked me the qualities of Sulphur ~ I replied that the bright yellow colour stimulated intellect and it was also excellent for detoxifying negative energy. Sulphur is very fragile but we do have some nice generators of Sulphur in Quartz. As I picked one up all I really felt the power ! I could feel the cobwebs of my mind and toxins of my hangover being swept away.
Then our work experience girl  and friend came in to buy a pressie for her 17th Birthday. It so happened that they were dressed in that timeless casual style ~ and Buffalo Springfield was playing ~ I has a total flashback to my Uni  Common Room back in the 70s. Ha ! I truly felt like an energised Teenager for the next few hours :-)
Which brings me back to Crystal Power. Larimar had unfrozen my emotional flow, Sulphur had stimulated and cleansed my mind. These two energies combined to clear an awful lot of stuff and allow that flashback to rejuvenate my energy.
There's so much negativity in the world and being tired I'd began to take it on. Which only amplifies it. Crystal Heart Energy has always risen above, but I needed the events of today to remind myself.
We do create our own energy. That is our power as conscious beings. Blessed Be.
Love from the Heart, as always
Marc James


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