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Happy Easter ?

Perhaps it's just me but that seems a strange thing to say. For the main character you've got betrayal, humiliation, torture & death . . . then finally a happy ending in the resurrection. Hardly a Happy Happening ! Perhaps that's why I find this season so moving. Much as we'd all like to be in an enlightened Heaven on Earth state, reality is reality. We all get our share of betrayal, suffering and death in terms of psychological transformation. . . . and we all learn, ultimately to rise above it.

Tonight by cosmic coincidence I uploaded a bunch of beautiful Shattuckite, and I had to smile when I realised this is the  stone of Divine Wisdom that can Cut Karmic ties. Somewhat appropriate for Easter, methinks !

Easter is all about transformation, and as I was gazing upon the stone with all it's interesting constituents of Shattuckite, Turquoise, Azurite, Dioptase, I realised  I look at stones with a very different vision. Receptive and perceptive. Objective yet loving. To understand a crystal one has to look with the non judgemental eyes of a child, but the mind and experience of an Adult. We don't look at the rest of our world the same way. All our predujices, judgements, baggage, attachments, get in the way. So tomorrow I'm going to try to look at the world in a different way.

Happy Easter, Folks ! Love as always from the Heart.

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